Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching up

Jan 20:

Kai's favorite meal....NOOODLES!

Jan 19:

After being sick for several days, Mom and Kai got outside today for some fun. We played dump trucks and jumped on the trampoline. What fun!

Jan 18:

Coloring with Dadddy! Kai loves to color now. I got him a Thomas the Tank Engine coloring book for Christmas and he colors in it just about every day. It was too cold outside today to go out and Kai was too sick to be outside anyway.

Jan 17:

A benefit of being a veterinary can perform surgery on your kid's favorite stuffed bear.

Jan 16:

Outside enjoying a wonderfully warm winter day with a bike ride around the block!

I hope to get more pictures of Mia this week..and maybe some of Jon! Looking through my iphoto I realized how few I have of Jon!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15

Today, Me, Casey, Sam, Mary, and Courtney had plans to go to the movies. I was *not* in the mood to get dressed up at all. My stomach felt swollen from the large bowl of Taco Soup I had just eaten. I tried to make myself get a little dressed up though...but while putting on my boots I just fell back and proclaimed "Ugh..I just don't feel like". So, I slipped the boots back off, put on my comfy jeans, a tshirt, and called it good!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 13

Today was the day that I actually started my Project 365. This is me working on Week One.

Week2, Page2

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week 2, Page 1

Week One

I'm well on my way!

Catching up. Day 1-12

There are many times when I seriously consider how much easier my life would be without DOGS! Mia, Kai, Casey, Coleman and I went for a walk around the block today...this is what we came home too! Great!

It was a beautiful day outside and I was itching to get outside and enjoy it. Daddy wanted to clean and get some studying done, so Mia, Kai, Casey, Coleman and I spent the day at the park. The kids played on the playground for few minutes, and then we walked the trails. As soon as Kai spotted the mud puddle, I knew there was no stopping him...and sure enough he headed straight for it!

Coleman is a on special diet and there are only a few things that he will actually eat. Casey makes him baked chicken breaded with chips every day. Unfortunately, Kai LOVES this chicken and tries to steal Coleman's chicken every time.

We call this the "Spring Line". Casey and I went to Dick's Sporting Good's today to buy some new work out tops. She wanted to model her new cloths and I wanted to try out my new lense. Our neighbors probably thought we were nuts...Oh well!

Casey bought Coleman a new swing for Christmas. EVERYONE in the house loves it. Kai likes to hang over it and swing just like this.

Even the dog likes the new swing!

How is it that Mia and I are shopping in the same department?? I'm not sure if this means I am trying to dress too young of if Mia is trying to dress to old. Either way, Mia was so excited to get matching shirts!

This picture was taken as Kai and I were watching my car being towed away! We were in a car accident today. No body, but the car, was hurt. A large county work truck slid along the drivers side. He swirved to the left in order to not hit us from the rear. Kai was only upset for about 20 seconds and then he was simply enthralled with the big truck, and later, the tow truck. Ah...boys!

Chicken Enchillada Casserole! This turned out to be a rather unexpected hit. Kind of a big deal for my picky family!

"The Boys" hanging out in Casey and Coleman's room. Kai likes Coleman so much and always tries to "hang out" with him. He really hasn't figured out why Coleman rarely likes to be in the same room with him!

OOOO-DA! Why is that my two year old likes soda so much!?! and how is it that his first real sentence was "I want more soda, please!"

It's so hard to get a picture of Mia. She either avoids the camera all together or makes a ridiculous face. Sigh...